Use Your Flat-Iron to Get This Hot Look


Source: ThePublicistDiaries

It might seem like the 90’s are back in every sense, and that is because they are. Especially in the beauty department. We’re talking about crimped hair. But it’s not Lizzie McGuire crazy, or poodle like. It’s chic and modern. You can achieve this look with a tool you already have, no need to go buying a fancy crimper. Part your hair down the middle. Add some dry mousse or texturizer to your hair. Section your hair into as small or large sections as you like. The smaller the section, the smaller the crimp. You can mix them together. Braid each section. Take you flat iron and hold it down the braid, slowly. Clamping down on each section. Spray each section with hairspray. When you’ve flat ironed every braid, take the braids out and have chic crimped hair like Gigi Hadid (above).

Let us know how you like the trend!

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