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The world of beauty is ever-changing. It seems like there is a new “best” product everyday. In your search to find your favorite products, you can waste a lot of money. Or there are products you will only use once or twice, so you could never use a whole tube. But you buy the whole thing anyway. There are services that can solve these problems. It makes sense, there are monthly subscriptions for produce, razors, dinners. Beauty subscriptions mail 4-5 sample size products to your door every month, for about $10 a month. If you travel often, you’ll get TSA regulation size products. They personalize the boxes based on a quiz you take when you sign up. You let them know your coloring, what products you like, what your beauty concerns are. The subscription service, Ipsy, sends you 4-5 products with a little make-up bag every month. They ask you what your beauty routine is like and what brands you are interested in. Your box each month is tailored to it. Birchbox lets you tell them what products you like. You can tell them if you prefer more natural products. You can also choose to get the guest editor box, where a fashion or beauty guru has chosen the products. Or you can choose your samples. If you don’t pick, Birchbox will surprise you with products inspired by your beauty profile. Birchbox costs $10 a month, or $110 for the full year. Birchbox is the original beauty subscription. The newest subscription service is Play! by Sephora. It launches in September and will be competitively priced. You can head into a Sephora shop to make your beauty profile and sign up, or wait for the official launch in September.


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