Calm Down and Go to Sleep

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Life can be very hectic. Between trying to eat right, work hard, work out, have relationships, and relax, it can be hard to find the zen you need to go to sleep. Even on the nights you do get to bed on time, you may end up with a racing mind. Focusing on trying to calm down your brain can be counterproductive. The clock is ticking, you’re missing out on sleep and wasting time that you could have spent on taxes, cleaning out your closet, finishing a report….this can go on for awhile. The easiest way to get yourself to fall asleep is to focus on your breathing. Slower breath means a slower heart-rate, which means a calmer body. The first thing to do is to take a few minutes to reflect on your day. Think about at least 3 good things that happened today. Appreciate them. Feel grateful for 3 things you accomplished. Try not to worry about the things that will happen tomorrow, just find a reason to be satisfied for today. Even if you didn’t get everything on the list finished, you can find 3 things- you changed the batteries in the remote control, you got a car wash, you made a new friend, you learned the lyrics to a song, you drank 8 glasses of water. It can be very small, or very big. But really feel grateful. Now that you’re feeling proud of yourself, think of something that makes you feel calm. Puppies, a beach, the library, it doesn’t matter. Your breath has probably already slowed at this point. This will make it even slower:

Take a deep, slow breath in for 5 seconds.

Hold your breath of 6 seconds.

Slowly release your breath for 7 seconds.

repeat 3x.

You probably won’t even make it to the third set, because you’ll be off in dreamland. It’s important to feel balanced and loved. Sleep is very important. So look back on your day with love and accomplishment, and get a good night’s sleep so you can take over the world, tomorrow.

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